Hilltop Farms


The Annual Meeting of Unit Owners (The “Meeting”) of Condominium will be held on 5/3/11, at 6:30 P.M. at the Polish National Home, 7Main Street, S. Grafton , Massachusetts for the following purposes:

1.Conducting Annual Meeting.

2.Reviewing 2010 Financials and 2011 Annual Budget.

3.To elect one (1) member to the Board of Trustees, one Trustee’s (Vinay Munikuntla) term has expired. The unitowner voted to fill Vinay Munikuntla’s seat will serve a three year term.  The unitowner receiving the most votes will be elected Trustee.


                                                           Trustees of Hilltop Farms Condominium Association

                                                                                      Paresh Patel

                                                                                      Stone Iyengar   

 Your participation is necessary to elect 1 member to serve on the Board of Trustees.   If you do not plan to attend the meeting, a proxy is enclosed.  Assign your proxy to a friend or neighbor who will be attending the meeting. This person will have the right to vote at the meeting on your behalf.

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