Hilltop Farms
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  • January23rd

    The Annual Meeting of Unit Owners (The “Meeting”) of Condominium will be held

    on 2/9/10, at 6:30 P.M. at the Polish National Home, 7 Main Street.

    Also, the BOT treasurer Kristin Baily has submitted notice of resignation effective Feb. 8th, 2010. Therefore, two new BOT members will be voted in at the annual meeting.

    Please see this notice document for full details, voting procedures, and a ballot.

  • May30th

    An updated document to the condo fee policy has been added to the documents section of the website. You can also see the file by clicking here.

  • March14th

    The Blackstone Daily is a website that lists tons of information about news and events happening in our area. They have an email newsletter called the Spark that details all of the comings and goings in the Blackstone River Valley. 

    Good news for “Hilltoppers”!  You may subscribe to this publication by signing up in the box part way down the page on the right.  It’s free. Click Here to visit BlackstoneDaily.com 

    The Blackstone River, as you may know, is just a short distance to the west of Hilltop Farms, and it was used as a canal about 200 years ago, carrying cargo back and forth between Worcester and Providence. 

    This publication will give you information about coming events along the Blackstone  –  fun for you and your families. 

    Thanks to Al Sanborn for this important news. 

  • June4th

    Coming Soon: We will be adding discussion forums with a wide variety of topics to discuss. Stay tuned for more information regarding the forums.